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3 01 2009

Yati (Nuansa) _3Septo

hello, my name is Nurhayati. M.Pd.  You can call me Yati. I have two lovely children. you can look their picture in my blog. I run a small business. it is a small course calls LPK Nuansa Jaya. I also teach at STIE”Moechtar Thalib”, Uhamka University, and Unindra.  My husband is an employee in BUMN Gas Negara. He is a very nice and good husband.

language Testing Quiz Des 2015

3 12 2015


Quiz Language Testing (Nov 2015)

19 11 2015

Quiz Language Testing

7 10 2015
  1. what is placement test?
  2. Explain about measurement!
  3. Explain about oriented to product according to brown and Hudson!
  4. Mention and explain the standardized test!
  5. Give the example of formative test!
  6. Explain about  a. Authencity b.inter-rater reliability c. Standardized test
  7. Explain about the type of validity!
  8. Write and explain five techniques of speaking in formal assessment!
  9. Write 4 factors which will make the test unreliability!
  10. Mention the advantages of standardized test!

Session I

13 09 2015

Hakikat pendidikan dan Aliran Aliran Pendidikan

Curricullum and Material Development

17 06 2015


Communicative competence

17 06 2015

Communicative Competences


29 03 2015

Answer the following questions completely!
1. As a professional in the field of language teaching, a teacher involves in 2 kinds of tasks i.e: teaching and non teaching tasks.Would you mention the 2 non teaching tasks ? Provide simple explanation.
2. There are seven outlines of steps which are course designers or teachers must work through. Taba called them “ Curriculum processes”. Explain well.
3. There are at least three key terms involved in learning and teaching process;i.e: curriculum, syllabus, and lesson plan. Explain the distinction among these three terms clearly .
4. What are the differences between young learners’ needs and adult learners’ needs in an ESL setting ?
5. Teaching English in England, United states and Australia is different from teaching English in Indonesia and Thailand. Provide your explanation.
6. You have learned 3 kinds of educational orientations / educational philosophies. They are: behavioristic, rational-cognitive, and humanistic. Explain briefly and give examples.
7. According to Dubin and Olshtain, there are 4 types of syllabus. Mention and explain briefly.
8. The goal of communicative curriculum / syllabus is achieving the communicative competence. What is communicative competence ?
9. There are 6(six) objetives of humanistic curriculum. Mention and explain well.
10. In Communicative Curriculum, students are players. Explain briefly.


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