Language Testing Quiz Desember 2013

25 12 2013


I.Answer the Question clearly!




1. Communicative language testing refers to the discussion of how to measure ……

2. What are the testing techniques can be used to measure learners’ productive skills of                               English …….

3. A  classroom test should enable the teacher ……

4. A well – constructed  classroom test ……  

5. Write the procedures recommended in conducting interviews : 

6. How can  asses students ability to speak, ……

7.  What are some aspects included in the criteria of assessing communicative 

     performance for advanced language learners …..

9. What are some integrative test ……

10. Write the steps in giving dictation ……

11. There are types of oral production test, mention and describe each of them!…..

12.  Mention the procedure of constructing test in language testing!…..

13.  In administering the test, there are steps should be followed. Mention each of them! …..

14.  To know your students’ competence what a language should be tested?….

15. Describe briefly the points to be covered in a test blue print form!  …..





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