QUIZ Curr Dev 2014

2 07 2014

Answer the following questions completely!
1. A teacher has some roles in teaching/learning. A teacher may be called as a course designer, facilitator, or motivator in learning process. Provide your clear explanation of these statements!
2. The goal of teaching English is achieving communicative competence. A good teacher should use strategies and tactics to achieve the goal. What do you know about strategies and tactics ?
3. Ideally, a school has its own curriculum. The curriculum consists of many syllabuses. The syllabus consists of many lesson plans. Explain how these programs are designed and implemented!
4. Good teachers have to know the students’ needs because different levels of students have different needs. Provide your brief explanation and give clear examples.
5. There are some roles of a teacher related to teaching and learning process. Mention and explain briefly .
6. What is the distinction between conceptual meaning and functional meaning of a sentence or a text ? Give examples.
7. In the past, English teachers usually used the structural-grammar syllabus in teaching. That is why, students could not speak English well. According to Dell Hymes, the goal of teaching English is actually to reach communicative competence. Make your critical comment accordingly!
8. Teachers must consider three kinds of dimensions in designing a syllabus, i.e. language content dimension, process dimension, and product dimension. How do you design them in your syllabus?
9. There are 4 aspects of language that should be achieved and implemented by language learners. Explain clearly.
10. How do you differentiate Behavioristic orientation from Rational-Cognitive orientation in learning practice. Explain briefly and give examples!
11. Humanistic curriculum which uses humanistic psychology is applied in language teaching. What is the fundamental of humanistic curriculum ?
12. For assessing the communicative potencial of workouts, a teacher can use Benjamin Bloom’s taxonomy of education objectives. What are they ?
13. Learners are as players and teachers are as directors, producers, writers, and trend-setters. These are metaphors in learning/teaching. Provide your clear explanation!
14. What is the distinction between conceptual meaning and functional meaning in content dimension? Give some examples to support your answer!
15. In the process dimension, a teacher must be able to choose appropriate activities which are called workouts. Write at least 5 (five) examples of workouts in learning process!
16. Teaching English means teaching English culture. How do you apply this statement in the teaching and learning process?
17. To reach student’s communicative competence, there are 4 instructional plans for course design. Mention and explain briefly.
18. In teaching English at secondary and senior high school, a teacher has to choose discrete view or holistic view. Which is better to reach the goal of learning ? Provide your brief explanation.






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