29 03 2015

Answer the following questions completely!
1. As a professional in the field of language teaching, a teacher involves in 2 kinds of tasks i.e: teaching and non teaching tasks.Would you mention the 2 non teaching tasks ? Provide simple explanation.
2. There are seven outlines of steps which are course designers or teachers must work through. Taba called them “ Curriculum processes”. Explain well.
3. There are at least three key terms involved in learning and teaching process;i.e: curriculum, syllabus, and lesson plan. Explain the distinction among these three terms clearly .
4. What are the differences between young learners’ needs and adult learners’ needs in an ESL setting ?
5. Teaching English in England, United states and Australia is different from teaching English in Indonesia and Thailand. Provide your explanation.
6. You have learned 3 kinds of educational orientations / educational philosophies. They are: behavioristic, rational-cognitive, and humanistic. Explain briefly and give examples.
7. According to Dubin and Olshtain, there are 4 types of syllabus. Mention and explain briefly.
8. The goal of communicative curriculum / syllabus is achieving the communicative competence. What is communicative competence ?
9. There are 6(six) objetives of humanistic curriculum. Mention and explain well.
10. In Communicative Curriculum, students are players. Explain briefly.




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