12 02 2017


  1. Choose one correct answer; a, b, c, or d !   


  1. One of traditional assessment characteristics is …
  2. Formative Oriented to product
  3. Open-ended creative answer Interactive performance


  1. The process of obtaining a numerical description of the degree to which an individual possesses a particular characteristic called …
    1. Assessment measurement
    2. judgement washback


  1. There are many reasons of a test should be practical. Except …
  2. It is relatively easy to administer.
  3. Stays without appropriate time.
  4. Having good evaluation procedure
  5. It is not expensive


  1. A test that has standard objectives, that are held constant across one form of the test to another called …
  2. Aptitude test
  3. Standardized test
  4. Achievement test
  5. Diagnostic test


  1. The authenticity of a test may be present in …
  2. Items are contextual
  3. The language can’t be applicable
  4. The topics are incoherent
  5. The topics can’t be recognized by the students


  1. Test which is used to identify students’ strengths and weaknesses is …
  2. Placement test profiency test
  3. Achievement test aptitude test



  1. Some example of formative and formal test are …
  2. Final exam, journal
  3. Oral presentation, students’ responses to teacher’s questions
  4. Teacher’s observation, Periodic achievement test
  5. Diagnostic test, quiz


  1. A test is unreliable if the test  …
  2. Has consistency the scoring by two or more scores.
  3. Takes too long in administering it.
  4. Is applied in related students’ condition
  5. Is not meaningful and useful terms of purpose of the assessment


  1. There are some practical steps in constracting test, except
  2. Drawing up test specification
  3. Designing multiple choice test item
  4. Scoring and grading scores
  5. Devising test task


  1. One of advantages using objective test is …
  2. Limited primarily to testing knowledge information.
  3. Can be used to measure higher order cognitive skills
  4. Some correst answers can be guessed
  5. Scoring can be done quickly


  1. Write the right explanations based on instruction below!   
  2. Write three advantagesand disadvantages of subjective test!
  3. Besides having advantages, standardized test has disadvantages. Mention them and explain!
  4. Write five examples of objective test in English!
  5. Choose one of material in English, then determine the washback process in classroom for 9th grade students! (explain it clearly.


  1. Design assessments based on instructions in boxes below















  1. Design assessments and scoring scales based on instructions in boxes below












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