STIE “Moechtar Talib”


Answer the questions based on the film of “brother and sister”

  1. How old is Anne‘s brother?
  2. What does Anne’s brother’s name?
  3. How tall is he?
  4. Where does Anne come from?
  5. How old is Anne?
  6. What does Anne do?
  7. When did the story of Anne’s brother ?
  8. What kind of “tense” they use in the fifth episode?
  9. What did Anne’s brother study when he came to Adelaide?
  10. How often did Anne’s brother write a letter before he stopped?
  11. Whom did he stay in Australia?
  12. What did John Barbour say to make Anne feel comfortable?
  13. What kind of “tense” they use in the sixth episode?
  14. Does Sarah enjoy the city?
  15. Did Sarah invite Anne to come to her lunch?
  16. Did Anne receive the invitation?
  17. What time will the lunch start?
  18. Will Sarah’s brother pick Anne up?
  19. What kind of “tense” they use in the seventh episode?
  20. How does Anne go to Sarah’s house?
  21. How much did Anne give to the driver?
  22. Did Anne take the change?
  23. What is Sarah’s daughter’s name?
  24. What is Sarah’s brother’s name?
  25. What kinds of expressions do you know from episode 5-8?



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