Commenting on 4 CD



By Nurhayati



1. Vocabulary

With four kinds of games and 12 levels of difficulties, the program is interactive. It can inform whether player is correct or not. It showing the correct answer, the player can realize that his answer is not correct. With the list of high scores provided, the player knows how well or fast he is in answering the questions.

The menu ‘help’ in the program is easy to use. The program is suitable for intermediate level regarding the unusual words for English learners. However, it is effective to learn English even though there is a repetition in other games. For beginners, it is not convenient since the vocabularies are difficult.

2. Learn English “Beginners”

The program is interactive. When the player chooses the answer, there is a direct comment informing whether it is correct or wrong. The program is also easy to use and suitable for beginners. Moreover, the program is appropriate for children due to its easy words. For learning English, the program is effective. One point that makes the program effective to learn English that it shows how to pronounce the words.

The program is also convenient for young learners with colorful presentation. Children can directly imitate the speaker how to pronounce or say the words correctly. Such a way is suitable for children whose best learning strategies is through imitating.

3. Speak English “Intermediate”

The program is not interactive. There is no direct interaction between the player and the program. In spite of that, using this program is easy. Although the program is aimed for intermediate students, it can be used by both elementary and intermediate students. Elementary students could learn early parts of the program.

Young learners are not likely to feel convenient with the program since the contents are not interesting. It is suitable for adult learners and effective to learn English, especially those who are learning English for conversation. The plus point of the program is that it provides the examples of how to use the expressions in a dialog.

4. English Words

This is similar to the program of ‘Vocabulary’. The program has four kinds of game and 12 levels of difficulty. It is interactive because the player can know when he makes mistakes. Besides, it is easy to use since the instruction is clearly provided.

The program is suitable for elementary levels because of its simple words. It is also effective in learning English. Children can use the program since it is convenient and interesting. The variety of games provided is cleverly designed for boys and girls’ interest.


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